“Miscellaneous” – A category introduction

I have a lot going on in my life that can fit into neat categories, and I’ve tried to structure my website and blog to have clear-cut categories. But not everything in my life needs a major category, even if it is a major undertaking. This isn’t a fitness blog, or a food blog, so those don’t need their own categories. But they are major parts of my life. I’m currently on a really difficult adventure to learn to eat more mindfully, and to lose a lot of the weight I gained during my husband’s year-long tour overseas. (Thanks for that, US Army, by the way.) I’m learning to cook with more variety in my food choices, and that means learning and maybe even inventing new recipes. I like to take the dogs for walks and work on their obedience training, and the cats are always doing something either frustrating or funny that I wouldn’t mind sharing. I like sharing pretty things I see on my walks, or even just tips or tricks that I find make my life easier.

I think it’s important to know about someone if you’re reading what they write, but you can’t really know about someone when you only see certain parts of their life. There’s no way for someone reading my blog to really know me, no matter how much I write, unless we’ve met and interacted. But I can do my best by sharing bits and pieces of my life that aren’t just the fun, humorous, or heartwarming moments. Like when my dog got mad that we adopted cats so she peed in my slippers. That was not a funny or heartwarming moment for me (although my parents got a laugh out of it). Or about how much simpler my life became for long driving trips when I realized I could bring a training potty and liners, so I don’t have to bring my toddlers into the gas station to pee while we’re on the road. Added hack, using puppy training pads underneath them in case of accidents while toilet training will save you from having to try to clean out a carseat!

It’s the little things in life that add up to knowing someone, not just defining someone by their parenting choices, political views, or taste in movies and music. “Small details are beautiful, because they are the moments that shape our big picture.” – me. It’s something I tell my children, and something I really appreciate myself.

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