Running for Perspective

You may have seen last week, if you read, that I wrote about shedding my imposter syndrome by entering a writing contest. If not you can find that post here. I decided that I like posting on Medium, and I plan on continuing to do so. This week, I wanted to connect you to myContinue reading “Running for Perspective”

The Minivan: A Surprising Two Month Saga

I wanted to wait until my minivan was actually mine before I posted this. It’s been a while since I picked the van up from the dealership, just over a month now. This has been a two month long endeavor, though, and it deserves to be described as the saga it was. For anyone livingContinue reading “The Minivan: A Surprising Two Month Saga”

Depression Is Not Curable with “Life Hacks” or Lifestyle Changes.

I’m going to dive right in here. This is definitely a hot button topic, and I almost didn’t write about this, but… The idea that simply making a “lifestyle change“ in order to combat depression is ludicrous. Sure, positive thinking goes along way to changing your mindset, but people who struggle with depression have troubleContinue reading “Depression Is Not Curable with “Life Hacks” or Lifestyle Changes.”

The Uncommonality of it All

Before I go any further: yes, I know that ‘uncommonality’ is not a word. I’m choosing to use it anyway because I like the way it sounds. It’s been two months since one of my posts went live, and I realize this is unusual, especially in the early days of a growing an audience. IContinue reading “The Uncommonality of it All”

“Miscellaneous” – A category introduction

I have a lot going on in my life that can fit into neat categories, and I’ve tried to structure my website and blog to have clear-cut categories. But not everything in my life needs a major category, even if it is a major undertaking. This isn’t a fitness blog, or a food blog, soContinue reading ““Miscellaneous” – A category introduction”