The house with no doors

This week as I waded around moving boxes, my husband swept in and stole my thunder. I had planned on building a playhouse with my children as a fun new idea that might help to break the monotony and pent up energy that came from a week straight of heavy rain that kept us indoors. While I was exercising and my husband was hanging out at home with the kids, he decided the best way to help me was to check something off my to do list that also helped with the kids. I can’t say I blame him, anything that helps to wrangle the kids and also checks a box off the list is a definite win-win, and I hadn’t told him about my plan to have the kids help me.

Imagine my surprise when I got done at the gym and I check my phone to read: “So the kids’ playhouse didn’t come with the doors. They weren’t in the box.” – courtesy of Aaron. I about fell over. The adorable little cottage playhouse with the red doors… well, it has no doors. My kids don’t seem to care, but I’m more than a little upset. I spent a fair amount on the playhouse, those things don’t come cheap. So I was upset to find theirs wasn’t missing one door, but both.

So I called my husband and we were talking about what to do. I drove home, but when I opened the door, I was greeted with giggles and shrieks of happiness. My kids weren’t just excited to see me, they were excited to show me their new house. I was swept up by their joy, and while I will still be calling the manufacturer to get the doors, I’m not as upset as I was when I first found out there were missing parts.

This weekend, my newest kid-venture is going to be a brave one. My son has been asking for several days now to go running with my husband or me. My husband can actually run, and I’m kind of a slow runner – in that I usually walk/jog my runs because I’m working up to running a mile straight. So the natural choice would be me, otherwise my son will never be able to keep up, and I want him to enjoy the experience. Hell, he might even be a faster runner than me, so maybe I’ll have something to aspire to. Wish me luck!

“Running is fun. This reminder brought to you by: Kids.” –

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