When It Rains, It Pours

I debated on publishing a post today, because it’s a holiday. Speaking of, Happy Labor Day to my US readers! Not sure I have non-US readers, but just in case. However, I wanted to make sure I kept a consistent schedule, so here we are. I did delay the post by two hours, since it’s a holiday.

This morning I went for my usual run. It was thundering, which isn’t uncommon for this time of year, with all the hurricanes passing through, so I went about business as usual. I felt a drop of rain or two; this should have been my red flag to head back inside, but I ignored my initial instinct to turn around and focused on the thought “at least it won’t be miserably warm.”

I finished my warm-up walk and started my jog; about 3/4 mile in, the rain started. It was light, though, and I was chugging along. I thought I would finish before it really started to downpour, but no sooner than the thought flitted across my mind, the heavens opened up and dumped all the water in the region on me. Yes, I enjoy my hyperbole.

It was such a heavy rain I couldn’t see in front of me or even under my own feet. Since the road I take to and from the trail can be uneven and sometimes have holes and very wide cracks along the sides, I was forced to start walking after 1.3 miles to ensure I didn’t injure myself due to stupidity.

Let me just say, walking through the rain is worse than running. I can ignore the wetness, the squelching of each footfall, and the droplets in my eyes because the pace is faster and running takes up space in my brain. I focus on my breathing, my pacing, my form, and the rhythm of the music or words in the latest zombie story mission. Walking leaves more space in my thoughts to notice the unpleasant side effects of being sopping wet.

Despite the squishing sensation with each step, the water mingling with sweat dripping into my open mouth as I caught my breath, and the realization that I still had 1/2 mile to walk home, I laughed. I was bound to get caught in the rain sooner or later, living in a rainy city. I expected it eventually. I didn’t, however, expect to welcome it. It was cool, refreshing, and invigorating. Although I hate having wet clothes on, walking home through the rain was relaxing and peaceful.

Photo of author, taken by author, Lizzie Lane

I’m home and dry writing this post. It’s unscheduled, fresh off the press if you will. I do not write immediately after running. I start my usual morning routine first, which today included the added bonus of removing an extra five pounds of water-logged clothing (not a highlight – you can see how thrilled I was at the prospect in the selfie). But for the first time in a while, I started in very light spirits. I often feel bogged down on Mondays, looking forward to the daunting list of shit to accomplish during the week. The rain washed it all away for me this morning.

I had a beautiful, calm clarity as I planned out my week. I have a few tasks I know I have to get done (laundry, I’m looking at you) as well as the daily grind of life–cooking, dishes, kid-related clean-up–and some events to plan for. It didn’t feel as awful as usual, and I fully credit that to this morning’s foreseeable, but still somehow surprising, thunder storm.

My projects for today definitely include laundry. If you know me, that’s a huge undertaking, because I despise laundry. It’s my least favorite chore, right up there with dishes. Dishes, however, are easy to stay on top of, whereas laundry is not so much for me. I will also take my son with me to Target. No one better than a 4-year-old to pick out a gift for another 4-year-old, am I right? We have a birthday party this weekend for one of his school friends.

Once those things are done, I hope to plan out meals for the week and get the rest of a crochet project finished. I have been working on a blanket as a gift for someone, and it’s nearly finished. I have 4 rows and the border to complete. Nothing much out of the ordinary here.

Photo by author, Lizzie Lane

For me, holidays don’t feel like holidays much anymore, although I’ve still managed to keep the magic at Halloween, and Christmastime. Thanksgiving without friends and family left an empty feeling last year, since even Aaron was in Korea, far from us for the holiday. He works holidays anyhow, and today he’s on call for the hospital, so today just feels like another Monday.

I hope everyone has a safe, enjoyable holiday though, spent with family or friends, or both. Wishfully thinking the pandemic and other worries stay far from your minds, even if it’s only for a few hours. For me, it will be spent like any other day, but the rain was a nice reminder to slow down, and enjoy what life has to offer. You never know when fate will step in and wash away some of what weighs you down.

“Because rain will wash away everything if you let it.” – Sarah Kay

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