“My daily planner” – A category introduction

My planner is from ink+volt. White paper that’s thicker than your average page, soft leather cover, organized by year, month, week, and day. There are sections to record goals, both short and long term, tasks, and there are prompts to help reflect and gain self-awareness. This is my 3rd year using their planner and I absolutely love the setup. I find it’s easiest to plan out my week if I’m regularly working toward goals, and breaking them down into easier, smaller steps that I can reach without difficulty. It really helps with my sense of accomplishment.

In my planner this week, I have my desk projects, which fill in my life goals. Writing, blogging, kid-ventures, organization, etc.. I have appointments and important events, of course, as well. I also like to put my hobbies into my planner. I keep goals best if I make an appointment with myself. It sounds really corny, but the self-help books have it right. It’s basic psychology, if you put it on your calendar and treat it as an important event or appointment with yourself, it tends to get done. It’s how I finish big projects like large, crocheted blankets, or knit sweaters (I’m still working on the wearable factor for those. I’ve yet to make one I’d be proud to be seen in in public! It’s a goal for sure) or even just reading books.

For this week, the big projects in my planner were launching this blog and starting on a section of a knitted block blanket. Next week’s projects will include unpacking rooms of my house, writing outlines, a baby blanket and hat set for a good friend, and a reading list of books I’d like to complete by the end of the summer, both for myself and with my kids. Hello, 6 millionth read-through of the Harry Potter series! My kids love it, and so do I.

I will leave you with a quote, and wishes for a wonderful weekend! “If you think reading is boring, you’re doing it wrong.” – anonymous

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