“What’s on my desk” – A category introduction

I spend more and more time at my desk these days, doing everything from writing the family budget, to working on this blog, to working on my latest writing projects – novels, poetry, short stories, and more. Arguably, I like to change my organization and items I need as little as possible, but realistically, my workspace changes often. I will periodically post photos of my workspace and my planner. Today, my workspace is my couch lying next to one of the dogs while my kids play monster trucks. It’s a loud workspace kind of day.

My current projects are: finalizing the layout of this blog and the outline for a new novel idea that has been tugging on prose in the back of my brain for a while. I keep catching snippets of the main character throughout the day, and her development is exciting to me – which probably sounds weird when I put it like that. I’m excited to put the words on paper, if you will, so I can really see how this character is developing, and what her world is like.

Since we recently moved into a new house, I’m also working on organization! This week I didn’t do much, but next week I’ll have some extra hands on deck, as my husband has just returned from a year-long tour in Korea. We are planning on tackling that monster that all people face at some point in their life – unpacking moving boxes. We will work on cleaning and organizing several rooms this week, including the kitchen, the garage (gotta put that car somewhere!) and our office.

I hope everyone has a good weekend – feel free to share any projects you have in the comments or suggestions for great organizational systems that have worked for you!

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